Stephanie Wood Question and Answer

Continuing with our question and answer series today we speak with Registered Nurse Stephanie Wood from Australia. Stephanie discusses the recruitment process with Jane Lewis as well as her motivation to work in the UK as well as offering some advise to others wanting to work as a nurse in the UK from overseas.

Stephanie Wood


Where are you from?

Where did you train as a nurse?
Brisbane, Australia

When did you graduate?

How did you hear about Jane Lewis?
I applied through a job advertisement on an Australian job search site called ‘SEEK’ .

How were you approached and recruited?
After applying through SEEK I was contacted the same day by an Australian recruitment team working with Jane Lewis. They then put me in touch with the team at Jane Lewis.

Describe the recruitment process from your application to receiving a job offer?
I was contacted the same day that I applied for the position and kept informed on a regular basis. On arriving to the UK I was given plenty of information from the team at Jane Lewis including preparation for the interview which was very helpful.

How were you interviewed?
I was interviewed face-to-face and felt well prepared given the support from the team at Jane Lewis. They even met with me prior to my interview to provide me with support and help calm my nerves!

Who interviewed you?
Jacqui Burrows & Pete Murphy

Where were you interviewed?
Salford Royal hospital

Why did you want to work in UK?
I have always had an interest in living abroad, and I decided to make the move with my partner who is originally from the UK.

What was the most challenging part of the recruitment process?
The recruitment process itself was very smooth, the challenging parts were with the nursing registration process.

What was the best part of the recruitment process?
Having constant support – I don’t know what I would have done without Naomi answering my endless questions!

Who did you tell first after you received the job offer?
My partner was with me when I got the phone call and we were both very excited!

How did you celebrate your job offer?
Celebrated with my partner’s family and a glass of prosecco!

How much time was there between your job offer and starting work?
Unfortunately I was delayed approximately 5 months after receiving the job offer. However, this was purely due to my NMC registration being delayed.

What would you change about the recruitment process?
Nothing comes to mind.

What advice would you give others about to start the recruitment process?
Try to have an OSCE date booked or at least approved before you move to the UK. I had other commitments with my partner where I had to move earlier than this. But if you have the option, it will save you a lot of time when you move to the UK, and allow you to start work quite quickly!

Would you recommend Jane Lewis to your friends and why?
Jane Lewis has been wonderful to me and I cannot thank them enough for their ongoing support and advice through my transition to the UK. It makes such a big difference having a contact here for assistance! They have also given me the best possible job I could have hoped for in an excellent hospital. I have already told my nursing friends in Australia about Jane Lewis if they ever want to make the move here. Thank you so much