Jane Lewis International BBC Appearance

Jane Lewis International Executive Director Jane Grimwade has just appeared on North West Tonight and Sunday Politics programmes on BBC last with the BBC’s Political Editor Nina Warhurst discussing the effect the Brexit vote has had on the recruitment of nurses from overseas.

Since June 2016 and the result of the UK’s Brexit nurses registering for work in UK from the EU has dropped by 96% and this has been reflected in the number of nurse applications we have received from nurses from Spain and Italy which have previously been areas with large number of applications.

With this in mind Nina Warhurst, the BBC North West’s Political Editor, visited our Chester-based offices to hold a face-to-face interview with Jane Grimwade to get her opinion on how Brexit has affected international recruitment and what the government should do to help EU nurses looking for work in the UK.

In response to a question about the reassurances from government to overseas nurses, Jane commented: “Nurses from the EU haven’t been given any clarity as they don’t know if they come to the UK now whether they will be able to stay. At the moment we’re in the same situation as 12 months ago.”

View the full Sunday Politics appearance here or visit Jane Lewis International for more information about our overseas recruitment.