Here are just a few of the testimonials and reviews of our services we have received about the international healthcare recruitment services we provide to both our client partners including NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations and overseas healthcare professionals.

“After an initial meeting with Jane Lewis International agency, we invited them into the university with Countess of Chester NHS Trust. They presented to final year students the benefits of working within the NHS and living in the UK. About 35 students attended the presentation, with 6 interviewing afterwards and all passing their interviews successfully. The hospital now has nursing positions reserved for them once they have finished their degrees. About 28 other students have expressed interest in interviewing in future with the hospital. We have also been invited to visit the hospital in Chester, as well as the University of Chester’s Faculty of Health and Social Care.”

Ma. Antonia Martorell Poveda (PhD), Senior Lecturer

Department of Nursing, Universidad Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain

Jane Lewis has been wonderful to me and I cannot thank them enough for their ongoing support and advice through my transition to the UK. It makes such a big difference having a contact here for assistance! They have also given me the best possible job I could have hoped for in an excellent hospital. I have already told my nursing friends in Australia about Jane Lewis if they ever want to make the move here. Thank you so much.

Stephanie Wood

Salford Royal Hospital

I would recommend Jane Lewis International to my friends as the agency was really professional and were really good at helping me through the process.

Claudia Effendi

Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust

Focus on starting a new life and don’t think about what you left in Spain, just think on what’s going to happen. Forget the way you work in Spain, open your mind and let them fill you in with his own way of working.

Alexandra Valtueña Pons

Countess of Chester Hospital

Try it, it´s an opportunity and you can always go back.

Adrián Ros Molero

Countess of Chester Hospital

I would recommend Jane Lewis International. They made my dream come true!

Jonal-James G. Abdul

Morecombe Bay Hospital

My experience here is absolutely perfect, the people are friendly, lovely, the ward managers care about you in all that you need without question and help you well, so 10 out of 10 points is my experience here, Blackpool is cheap and good place to start to work in UK.

Daniel Robles, Trained Nurse, Blackpool

“In February 2014 the Countess of Chester and Jane Lewis made their first trip to Barcelona. This first trip was highly successful with 10 nurses recruited. The second trip was in March/April 2014, recruiting both in Barcelona and Madrid, during this visit 31 nurses were recruited. These nurses are due to arrive in the UK in April, May, June and July, massively strengthening the nursing compliment in all areas of the Countess of Chester. On arrival, all nurses will receive a 12 month supported preceptorship, to help them adapt to nursing within the United Kingdom. This highly successful recruitment would not have been possible without the support of Jane Lewis’ excellent team of staff, who arranged all of the interviews, candidates prior to the visit and were excellent facilitators on the days allowing the Countess of Chester’s interview panel to press on with interviews.”

Jane Lush, Countess of Chester hospital

Countess of Chester hospital

Jane Lewis International is a very easy company to work with. The international recruitment trips went smoothly, the staff are professional, well organised, very friendly and helpful and the commitment continues long after recruitment has taken place. Excellent support is provided to the nurses helping to make their transition to the UK a positive experience for all concerned.

Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust

Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust

“Stay calm and the process is easy, don’t panic!! The people in the UK are lovely. Jane Lewis have been really helpful & it’s nice to meet with Jane/ Courtney in an informal environment, this also helps me to practice my English”

Ana Zorrilla

Ana Zorrilla

“As a nurse who has just arrived to the UK, I would recommend everybody to choose Jane Lewis as the recruitment agency to start this great adventure. I can only say words of gratitude to all of them.”

Natalia Jiménez

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