At Jane Lewis International we provide a bespoke and cost effective service to our clients. We have developed successful recruitment partnerships with NHS Trusts from across the UK and provided tailored solutions to their individual healthcare permanent staffing requirements.

We are able to provide a personalised and flexible recruitment service to our clients due to both our business ethos and our vast experience of working in partnership with NHS Trusts.

We have developed an effective three stage recruitment process that has successfully met the needs of our NHS Trust partners.

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The most crucial part of the recruitment solutions we provide our clients is the process of candidate selection. Thanks to our years of experience in recruiting Nurses from overseas we have developed a rigorous and effective method of candidate selection.

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We understand there are many available recruitment options open to NHS Trusts to meet their staffing requirements and we are confident our experience and skills in the sector mean we are able to provide an excellent standard of service to our clients.

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